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People Who Need and Want Your Service

New home owners have instant product and service needs

Getting in front of them before they go looking for other options is essential at this time before spending patterns have been established. This market is responsive to exploring local companies and becoming acquainted with their surroundings.

Home Buyers Median Income = $84,000

Home Buyers expect to live in their home for 12 years after the purchase which is often a motivator for multiple investments in maintenance, customization, and quality of life improvements.


Brand Your Company with a local REALTOR® Association

Including your company in the Home Services Guide will connect you with a trusted name in Real Estate. Local REALTOR® Associations are the voice of Real Estate and their members work with your exact target market.

REALTOR® Members Value This Marketing Tool

Real Estate Professionals love giving the guide to their clients because it provides extra guidance after the transaction is complete. They see increased clients from hosting open houses and stay top of mind which helps them gain more referrals.

Do You think you've already done this?

The only company working with Local REALTOR® Associations

GS Media began with a simple start, working with individual real estate offices. We found that an office with no more than 300 agents doesn't offer enough opportunity for substantial connections.

The Key to Our Success is Access to 6,000+ Real Estate Professionals

n each area we work in our Local REALTOR® Association clients have over 6,000 REALTOR® Members. Effective marketing requires a large amount of exposure. We put your company in front of 8,000 people in your target market. We have formulated a distribution method that generates results.

We Take Care of Our Clients


Senior level designers will create an ad that is effective and delivers a memorable impression.

GS Media has a full-service graphics department to help out with any of your companies branding needs. From logos and business cards to flyers and corporate branding we've got you covered.


The opportunities you will find when working with us are endless and the investment is minimal.

If you represent a company that services homeowners, home buyers, and/or home sellers it's in your best interest to connect with a local REALTOR® Association. GS Media allows you to connect directly with consumers through local REALTORS®. Call us today and find out how we can help you get connected 800-715-1970

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