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Local REALTOR® Association Branding

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    1. 8,000 Copies Delivered for REALTOR® Members
    2. 12 pt gloss cover with 90lb interior gloss pages
    3. Senior level graphic designers
    4. Free customization for the Association
    5. Digital version is included
    6. Complimentary displays
    1. Promote the REALTOR® brand to consumers
    2. Provide a valuable resource to home buyers and sellers
    3. Utilized in online and offline marketing
    4. Great tool for a successful open house
    5. Provides a built-in network for new agents
    6. Affordable customization for individual real estate professionals.
    1. Reaches 8,000 people in their exact target market
    2. Priority placement
    3. Discounted Advertising rates
    4. Network with Members in a unique way
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